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Past Events: All

Jan 2019
Sun 13th (Trips) Beehive Creek Family
This Pohangina walkway, opened in 1983, is just 30km from P.N. Our 11 year old son has walked this track every year of his life, as has our 13 year old daughter (the first time in the womb). The creek is generally ankle-deep and sandy-bottomed, making this ideal for all, including families and first-time trampers. Kids like to jump in the deeper bits, so leaving a change of clothes in the car for them is advisable. No dogs allowed. It can still be a workout for anyone who wants to walk the road section (3km, 40mins) of the loop. The walk will be followed by lunch at a picnic spot across the road from the cars. Good social tramp, and you’ll still have the afternoon free to mow the lawns. 9am start from Milverton Park.
Doug Strachan 353 6526
Sat 12th - Fri 13th (Trips) Tararua Botanising Medium
If you have an interest in alpine plants, this is a trip for you. January is a great month to partake in this slow form of tramping, where one assumes a rather head down, bum up posture while observing and perhaps photographing the profusion of interesting and possibly rare native plants flowering in the alpine zone. I am assured I will be accompanied by our clubs most enthusiastic and knowledgeable amateur botanists. Location is likely to be Cattle Ridge where, given good conditions, we will try to camp up high, but if the weather dictates, we may move elsewhere, perhaps the Ruahines near Rangi Hut or Shorts Track. Please reply nice and early so I know you want to come. Departing time TBA.
Janet Wilson 329 4722
Dec 2018
Sun 16th (Trips) Shorts - Knights Loop Medium

Warren Wheeler 3561998
Sat 15th - Sun 16th (Trips) To be Advised Medium
Check the newsletter for details.
Angela Minto 0274720660
Thu 13th (Social) End of year BBQ All
See newsletter for details.
Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Sun 9th (Trips) Nae Nae - Arawaru Medium

Dave Grant 3287788
Sat 8th - Sun 9th (Trips) Bike Packing Adventure MTB
Tune up your mountain bike and mount your saddle bags.
Richard Lockett 3230948
Sun 2nd (Trips) Beginners Rangi - Deadmans Loop Easy/Medium

Anne Lawrence 3571695
Sat 1st - Sun 2nd (Trips) Lake Dive, Taranaki NP Medium

Kathy Corner 3588186
Nov 2018
Thu 29th (Social) South Island Mega-tramp All
Quakers Hall, College Street, 7.30 pm.
Warren Wheeler
Sat 24th - Sun 25th (Trips) Waiaua Gorge Easy/Family

Elly Arnst 0226823136
Sat 24th - Sun 25th (Trips) Kaweka Explorer Medium/Fit

Bruce van Brunt 3284761
Sat 24th (Trips) To be Advised Fit
Better weather of 24th or 25th.
Chris Tuffley 3592530
Sat 17th - Sun 18th (Trips) Mangatururu to Whakapapaiti Medium

Kathy Corner 3568186
Sat 17th (Trips) Mitre, Girdlestone, 3 Kings, Baldie Fitness Essential
Better weather of 17th or 18th.
Grant Christian 3545843
Sun 11th (Trips) Waiopehu Circuit Fit

Janet Wilson 3294722
Sat 10th - Sun 11th (Trips) Sayers Hut Medium

Richard Lockett 3230948
Thu 8th (Social) BYO Pics All
Quakers Hall, College Street, 7.30 pm.
Martin Lawrence
Sun 4th (Trips) Beginners to Fields Hut Easy

Anne Lawrence 3571695
Sat 3rd - Sun 4th (Trips) Dundas-Bannister Fitness Essential

Elly Arnst 0226823136
Oct 2018
Sat 27th (Trips) Waiohine Campsite to Cone Hut Fitness Essential
Either 27th or 28th depending on the better weather.
Grant Christian 3545843
Thu 25th (Social) Exploring Iceland All
Quakers Hall, College Street, 7.30 pm.
Stephen Legg
Sat 20th - Mon 22nd (Trips) Taranaki Explorer All

Warren Wheeler 3561998
Sun 14th (Trips) Herepai and Beyond Fit

Graham Peters 3294722
Sat 13th - Sun 14th (Trips) Neill Forks Medium/Fit

Craig Allerby 3237913
Thu 11th (Social) South Island Hut Bagging All
Quakers Hall, College Street, 7.30 pm.
Chris Tuffley
Sun 7th (Trips) Beginners to Sunrise Hut Easy

Anne Lawrence 3571695
Sat 6th - Sun 7th (Trips) TNP Explorer Medium

Warren Wheeler 3561998
Sat 6th (Trips) Mt Ruapehu Fit/Technical
best weather for either 6th or 7th. Climbing around Tahurangi Peak
Grant Christian 3545843
Sep 2018
Sun 30th (Trips) Te Mara Peak Medium

Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Sat 29th - Sun 30th (Trips) Leon Kinvig or Triangle Hut Medium/Fit

Janet Wilson 3294722
Thu 27th (Social) Interclub Photo Competition All
Quakers Hall, College Street, 7.30 pm.
Martin Lawrence
Sun 23rd (Trips) Tunupo Medium

Graham Peters 329-4722
Sat 22nd - Sun 23rd (Trips) Iron Gate Hut Medium/Fit

Michael Allerby 323-8563
Sat 15th - Sun 16th (Trips) Ballard Hut, Kawekas Medium/Fit

Chris Tuffley 359-2530
Sat 15th (Trips) Ruapehu - Te Heu Heu / Tukino Peaks Fit/Technical
This will be on the better weather of 15th, or 16th.
Grant Christian 354-5843
Thu 13th (Social) Mountain Film Festival hosted by MUAC All
7pm. Social Sciences Lecture Block, Massey University. See September newsletter for more details. Door charge $20.
Warren Wheeler 3561998
Sun 9th (Trips) Te Atuaoparapara - Waipawa Loop Fit

Warren Wheeler 3561998
Sat 8th - Sun 9th (Trips) Coast Ride MTB

Richard Lockett 323-0948
Sun 2nd (Trips) Atiwhakatu for beginners Easy

Kathy Corner 356-8186
Sat 1st (Trips) To be Advised MTB
See the newsletter, or ring Tina. Tune up your mountain bike.
Tina Bishop 06-363-5660
Aug 2018
Thu 30th (Social) Club Photo Competition All
Quakers Hall, College Street, 7.30 pm. See newsletter for details.
Martin Lawrence
Sat 25th - Sun 26th (Trips) Kime Hut & Mt Hector Medium/Fit

Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Sat 25th (Trips) The Pinnacles, Mt Ruapehu Fit/Technical
Note that this trip will be on the best weather day - 25th, or 26th.
Grant Christian 354-5843
Sun 19th (Trips) Paekakariki Escarpment Walkway Medium

Woody Lee 357-2390
Sat 18th - Sun 19th (Trips) Powell Hut Medium

Kathy Corner 356-8186
Sun 12th (Trips) Summerhill and Beyond Easy/Medium

Anne Lawrence 357-1695
Sat 11th - Sun 12th (Training) Snowcraft 3 Medium/Technical

Dieter Stalmann 027-450-9460
Thu 9th (Social) What's up DOC? All
Quakers Hall, College Street, 7.30 pm.
Nicole Sutton
Sun 5th (Trips) Waitarere Beach & Forest walk Medium

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Sat 4th - Sun 5th (Trips) Howletts Hut Medium/Fit

Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Jul 2018
Sun 29th (Trips) Mangatote Tramway Easy/Medium

Richard Lockett 323 0948
Sat 28th - Sun 29th (Training) Snowcraft 2 Instruction

Dieter Stalmann 027 450 9460
Thu 26th (Social) Know your alpine plants All
Quakers Hall, College Street, 7.30 pm.
Catherine Jackson
Sun 22nd (Trips) Wharite Medium
Either Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather
Warren Wheeler 356 1998
Sat 21st - Sun 22nd (Trips) Mitre Flats Medium

Woody Lee 357 2390
Sun 15th (Trips) Rangiwahia Family

Doug Strachan 353 6526
Sat 14th - Sun 15th (Training) Snowcraft 1 Instruction

Dieter Stalmann 027 450 9460
Thu 12th (Social) Lure of the Southern Alps All
Quakers Hall, College Street, 7.30 pm.
Malcolm Leary
Sun 8th (Trips) Branch Road Walkway Easy/Medium

Janet Wilson 329 4722
Sat 7th - Sat 8th (Trips) Top Maropea Medium

Warren Wheeler 356 1998
Sun 1st (Trips) Otangane Loop Medium

Anne Lawrence 357 1695
Jun 2018
Sat 30th - Sun 1st (Trips) Penn Creek Medium

Warren Wheeler 356 1998
Thu 28th (Social) Trekking Nepal

Sat 23rd - Sun 24th (Trips) Mid Winter Mangatainoka Hot Springs All

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Sat 16th - Sun 17th (Trips) Oroua Valley Applied Tramping Easy/Medium

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Sat 16th (Trips) Fern Walk Easy
Best weather day. Could be held on 17th.
Nicola Wallace 021-209-0720
Thu 14th (Social) Overland Track Tasmania

Kathy Corner
Sun 10th (Trips) Mangatote Tramway Medium

Richard Lockett 323-0948
Sat 9th - Sun 10th (Trips) Neill Forks Hut Medium/Fit

Craig Allerby 323-7913
Sat 2nd - Mon 4th (Trips) Queen's Birthday Coastal Classic Easy/Medium

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Sat 2nd (Trips) Beach Walk Easy

Tina Bishop 06-363-5660
May 2018
Thu 31st (Social) BYO Pics

Martin Lawrence
Sun 27th (Trips) Nae Nae / Arawaru Medium

Dave Grant 328-7788
Sun 20th (Trips) Arapuke Loop Easy

Woody Lee 357-2390
Sat 19th - Sun 20th (Trips) Ruahine corner - extended Medium/Fit
This trip is expected to be extended to 4 days.
Grant Christian 354-5843
Sun 13th (Trips) Branch Road Walkway Easy

Sally Hewson 357-0990
Sat 12th - Sun 13th (Trips) Howletts Hut Medium/Fit

Warren Wheeler 356 1998
Thu 10th (Social) Wild about Cats

Kat Strang
Sat 5th - Sun 6th (Trips) Upper Makororo Hut Medium/Fit

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Sat 5th (Trips) Sunrise Hut Easy/Medium
Best weather day. Could be on 6th.
Kathy Corner 027-618-5722
Apr 2018
Sat 28th - Sun 29th (Trips) Hidden Lake Easy/Medium

Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Sat 28th (Trips) Manawatu Gorge Walk Easy
Best weather day. Could be on 29th.
Nicola Wallace 021-209-0720
Thu 26th (Social) Spine of the Fish

Anthony Behrens/Fiona Burleigh
Wed 25th (Trips) Diggers Hut Medium

Grant Christian 354-5843
Sat 21st - Sun 22nd (Trips) Kashmir Road Pine Pulling Easy/Medium

Anthony Behrens 027-470-9829
Sat 21st (Trips) Te Atuaoparapara Fit
Best weather day. Could be on 22nd.
Chris Tuffley 359-2530
Sat 14th - Sun 15th (Trips) Kiritaki Hut Medium

Richard Lockett 323-0948
Thu 12th (Social) AGM

Janet Wilson
Sun 8th (Trips) Puketurua/Burn Hut Medium/Fit

Dave Grant 328-7788
Sat 7th - Sun 8th (Trips) Waitewaiwai Hut Medium

Michael Allerby 323-8563
Sun 1st (Trips) Ohingaiti Boulders Easy/Family

Doug Strachan 353-6526
Mar 2018
Fri 30th - Mon 2nd (Trips) Easter Eggmont Explorer Medium

Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Thu 29th (Social) Arizona Trail

Glenn Pendergrast
Sat 24th - Sun 25th (Trips) Pureora MTB
A mixture of mountain biking and tramping
Richard Lockett 323-0948
Sat 17th - Sun 18th (Trips) McGregor Biv Fit

Chris Tuffley 359-2530
Sun 11th (Trips) Manawatu Walking Festival - Oroua-Tunipo Medium

Dave Grant 328-7788
Sun 4th (Trips) Ohau Gorge Easy/Medium

Warren Wheeler 356 1998
Feb 2018
Sun 25th (Trips) Beehive Creek Easy/Family

Doug Strachan 353-6526
Sat 24th - Sun 25th (Trips) Maropea Forks Medium/Fit

Graham Peters 329-4722
Thu 22nd (Social) Navigation Know How

Warren Wheeler
Sat 17th - Sun 18th (Trips) Iron Gate Hut Easy/Medium

Graeme Richards 353-6227
Sun 11th (Trips) Coppermine Creek Easy
We walk up lowland forest for 30 minutes from the car park and cross Coppermine Stream and then rock-hop up the creek to explore the magazine shaft. Bring your torch to find some cave insects. Depart at 8am.
Woody Lee 357 2390
Thu 8th (Social) Rescue Helicopter Hangar Visit
Come along at 7.15pm to the hangar in the PN Hospital carpark. We will be shown around the rescue helicopter and given a safety briefing. Find out what they do when a PLB is activated in an emergency
Warren Wheeler
Sat 3rd (Trips) Shingle Slip Plane Crash Fit
Visit the old crash site high in the Tararuas behind Masterton.
Angela Minto 027 472 0660
Jan 2018
Sun 28th (Trips) Longview Easy/Medium
A nice steep track up onto the Ruahine tops behind Onga Onga with great views to Hawkes Bay and Mt Bruce.
Anne Lawrence 357 1695
Sat 27th - Sun 28th (Trips) Top Gorge/Upper Pohangina Medium
This Ruahine trip is an opportunity to explore the upper Pohangina and help check the stoat traps protecting whio. A lovely section of the Pohangina River.
janet Wilson 329 4722
Thu 25th (Social) Beginnning of year BBQ

Warren Wheeler
Sat 20th - Mon 22nd (Trips) Pohangina River Huts - Anniversary Weekend Medium
This is our annual maintenance trip to clean up and check over Mid-Poh and Ngamoko Huts that PNTMC manages under an agreement with DOC. More hands make light work and it is a nice trip regardless, especially the Pohangina River section between the two huts.
Martin Lawrence 357 1695
Sun 14th (Trips) Waipawa Loop Medium
Rescheduled from 26 November] Depart 7.30am. This trip shows the wonderful variety of tramping beyond Sunrise Hut. We traverse the tops south from Armstrong Saddle and drop into the north branch of the Waipawa via a scree slope. It is an easy scramble down the stream to the Forks, then down the gravelly riverbed to loop back to the carpark.
Warren Wheeler 356 1998
Sat 13th - Sun 14th (Trips) Roaring Stag Beginners Tramp Easy/Medium
This trip was postponed in December and is the fourth in our series of Beginner Tramps. This time it involves an overnight stay at Roaring Stag Hut in the Tararua Forest Park behind Eketahuna. Leave from Milverton Park at 7.30am and return about 5pm Sunday. Interested? Contact Anne 027 4504212 or 06 357 1695.
Anne Lawrence 3571695

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