PNTMC Events Card: January - June 2020
Palmerston North Tramping and Mountaineering Club Inc
We try to keep to the schedule, but changes are unavoidable at times. Updates are given at club nights, and/or in the monthly newsletter. If there is a trip you are really keen on going on, it pays to contact the trip leader well in advance.
Trip Grading
Trip grades depend on many factors, especially weather and terrain. A reasonably proficient tramper should be expected to do the trips in the following times: PO Box 1217, Palmerston North
E Easy 3-4 hours               
M Medium  5-6 hours  PNTMC Contacts
F Fit about 8 hours  President  Bruce van Brunt 328 4761
FE Fitness Essential over 8 hours Vice President  Anne Lawrence 357 1695
Other grades:  Secretary  Janet Wilson  329 4722
T Technical skills required  Treasurer Warren Wheeler   356 1998
I Instructional  MTB Mountain Bike Webmaster Peter Wiles/Martin Lawrence 358 6894/357 1695
Gear for trips Membership  Warren Wheeler   356 1998
Minimum gear for day trips: Each person should have appropriate footwear, pack, lunch and snacks, water, waterproof jacket, overtrousers, gloves, warm hat, toilet paper, matches or a lighter, sunblock, first aid kit, torch, a whistle and a survival bag or space blanket. Each person needs to be equipped to survive overnight.                                                                          For longer trips: Discuss gear requirements with the trip leader. Gear Custodian Grant Christian 354 5843
Newsletter Editor  Anne Lawrence 357 1695
Trip Coordinators Janet Wilson  329 4722
Anne Lawrence  357 1695
Club Nights: January - June 2020
Club nights: 7:15pm on the second and last Thursday of each month 
Trip participants at the Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, Palmerston North. All welcome! 
Contact the trip leader at least 3 days in advance. Trips leave from Milverton Park unless other arrangements are made. A charge for transport will be collected on the day. 30 Jan Beginning of Year BBQ Warren Wheeler
13 Feb Navigation for Beginners Warren Wheeler
27 Feb Cape to Cape, Western Australia Anne and Martin
Trip leaders 12 Mar Bike Touring Across Europe Kathy Corner
Complete the trip intentions form and leave with one of the Overdue Trip Contacts or email If you are unable to run your trip as scheduled, advise a trip coordinator as soon as possible so that alternatives can be arranged. 26 Mar AGM
9 Apr Golden Days of Matukutuki & Hermitage Catherine Jackson
30 Apr Something Old, Something New Warren Wheeler
Overdue Trips  14 May USA Northwest Parks Chris Saunders
If a club trip is late returning, please tell partners, friends, etc not to worry unduly as there is probably a good reason for the delay. If anyone is in any doubt, phone one of the Overdue Trip Contacts: 28 May BYO Pics Martin Lawrence
11 Jun What's up Doc? DOC
25 Jun Beyond Snowcraft Dieter Stalmann
Martin and Anne Lawrence 357 1695 Committee Meetings
Graeme Richards 353 6227 26 Jan 20 Feb 19 Mar
    22 Apr 21 May 18 Jun