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Upcoming Events

The full set of current events is listed below, or use the menu on the left to see a set of current events selected according to the categories or view past events.   The latest trip details are in the Feb, 2020 newsletter.  The 6-month events schedule can be downloaded via the Events card link or contact a committee member (see Contacts).  Off on a trip today? Perhaps tomorrow? Have you given someone reliable an accurate description of your intentions?  Use this form to record your plans.  Best of all, email your intentions (with an optionally completed SAR form) to our overdue trips contacts (Martin or Anne Lawrence or Graeme Richards) at

Grading of Trips

Trips grades depend on many factors (the composition of the group, terrain, weather etc.) but in general are graded; Easy (E) - < 4 hours; Medium (M) - < 6 hours; Fit (F) < 8 hours; Fitness essential (FE) > 8 hours; Technical (T) requires special gear &/or instruction; Instruction (I) refers to instruction events.

Participants need to contact the trip leader at least two days prior to the event.

Filter the events database for a specific need All events  Committee meetings  Recent past events  Social events  Training events  Trip costs  Trips

Trip safety awareness

Members of a trip party (especially leaders and novices) need to consider that the backcountry (particularly the alpine environment) has certain risks and that participants are collectively and individually responsible for their safety.  Download a copy of an emergency SAR form and pop it into your pack - you could save someone's life.

We are into this feedback thingy.  Been on a trip of ours and have some thoughts for us to consider, then why not fill out an events feedback sheet?  Alternatively use the form and email us directly.

A detailed list of actions useful for both leaders and participants is available.  How to handle an emergency - suggestion: digest before your trip, print and take a copy with you.

Feb 2020
Thu 27th (Social) Cape to Cape, Western Australia All
Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, 7.30 pm.

Sat 29th - Sun 1st (Trips) Kahui Capers Medium

Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Mar 2020
Sun 1st (Trips) Oroua Farm Walk Easy/Medium

Dave Grant 328-7788
Sat 7th (Trips) Mana Island Easy

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Sun 8th (Trips) Kapiti Coast Explorer Easy/Medium

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Thu 12th (Social) Bike touring across Europe All
Kathy Corner with describe her adventures cycling in Europe. Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, 7.30 pm.

Sat 14th - Sun 15th (Trips) Bannister Circuit FE
Northern Tararuas classic.
Grant Christian 021-117-6921
Sun 15th (Trips) Pohangina Gorge Easy/Medium

Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Sat 21st - Sun 22nd (Trips) Tutuwai Hut Medium

Ernie Cook 027-303-1363
Sat 21st (Trips) Maharahara Crossing Medium/Fit
Southern Ruahines. Either Saturday or Sunday according to weather.
Grant Christian 354-5843
Thu 26th (Social) AGM All
Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, 7.30 pm.

Sat 28th - Sun 29th (Trips) Upper Makaroro Medium/Fit
A NE Ruahines trip.
Chris Tuffley 359-2530
Sun 29th (Trips) Whio Awareness: Oroua Walk Easy

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Apr 2020
Sat 4th - Sun 5th (Trips) Family Tramping Easy

Elly Arnst 022-682-3136
Sun 5th (Trips) Rangi - Deadmans Loop Medium

Richard Lockett 323-0948
Thu 9th (Social) Golden Days of Matukutuki & Hermitage All
Catherine Jackson will be giving a presentation. Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, 7.30 pm.

Fri 10th - Mon 13th (Trips) Easter Eggmont Medium
Explore Taranaki National Park over Easter
Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Mon 13th (Trips) Barlow Hut Easy/Medium

Graeme Richards 353-6227
Sat 18th - Sun 19th (Trips) Powell Hut Easy/Medium
A popular spot at the bush edge in the SE Tararuas.
Jo O'Halloran 027-618-5722
Sat 18th (Trips) Farm Walk Medium
Best weather day - Saturday or Sunday and in the Taihape area.
Malcolm Leary 06-327-7825
Sat 25th - Mon 27th (Trips) Maropea Forks Medium/Fit

Graham Peters 329-4722
Thu 30th (Social) Something old, Something new All
Warren Wheeler's presentation at Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, 7.30 pm.

May 2020
Sat 2nd (Trips) Arawaru Medium
Best weather day - Saturday or Sunday.
Stephen Legg
Sat 2nd - Sun 3rd (Trips) Leon Kinvig Hut Medium

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Sat 9th (Trips) Stanfield Hut Easy
Easy to get to with a mixture of travel.
Woody Lee 021-044-4552
Sat 9th - Sun 10th (Trips) Howletts Hut Medium/Fit
Cosy spot with commanding views of Hawkes Bay.

Thu 14th (Social) USA Northwest Parks All
Chris Saunders describes his trip in the USA. Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, 7.30 pm.

Sat 16th (Trips) Ellis Hut Bike
Bike along old logging roads.
Chris Tuffley 359-2530
Sat 16th - Sun 17th (Trips) Ellis & Poutaki Hut Easy
Visit one of the oldest huts in the country.
Bruce van Brunt 328-4761
Sat 23rd - Sun 24th (Trips) Iron Gate Hut Medium

Richard Lockett 323-0948
Sat 23rd (Trips) To be Advised Undecided
Either Saturday or Sunday.
Michelle Benton
Thu 28th (Social) BYO Pics All
Bring your photos or videos of recent trips. Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, 7.30 pm.
Martin Lawrence 357-1695
Fri 29th - Mon 1st (Trips) Motutapu Island All

Janet Wilson 329-4722
Jun 2020
Sun 7th (Trips) Levin Trig Walkway Medium

Woody Lee 021-044-4552
Thu 11th (Social) What's up DOC All
DOC will be giving an update on their activities in the region. Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, at 7.30 pm.

Sat 13th (Trips) Triangle Hut Medium

Richard Lockett 323-0948
Sun 14th (Trips) Urban Excursion Easy

Penny Abercrombie 358-7007
Sat 20th (Training) First Aid Course All

Graeme Richards 353-6227
Sun 21st (Trips) Holdsworth/Gentle Annie Easy

Warren Wheeler 356-1998
Thu 25th (Social) Beyond Snowcraft All
Dieter Stalmann will take us into mountaineering. Society of Friends Hall, 227 College Street, 7.30 pm.

Sat 27th (Trips) Ross Peak Medium

Bruce van Brunt 328-4761

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