PNTMC's aim is to give you a safe enjoyable experience that meets your
expectations, when you go on a club trip. Feedback from you, either as
party member or as leader, helps us meet this goal.
Please take the time to complete this form where appropriate, and put it in
the box at club night or give it to one of the trips coordinators
    Terry Crippen 356-3588, Janet Wilson 329-4722, Warren Wheeler 356-1998
    Or post to PNTMC, PO Box 1217 Palmerston North

Were you the leader? Or one of the other party members?

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PNTMC trip?

1.  Was the trip as you expected?                 Yes       No
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2.  Incidents, or accidents                             Yes       No
If yes; brief desciption and outcome:

Any suggestions regarding this for future trips?

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4.  Any new route info?