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Gear Hire

The Club has a selection of gear for hire.

Grant Christian (021-117-6921) is the custodian for general gear and for transceivers and specific climbing gear on Club trips.

No warranty is implied in its usefulness or safety, as this depends on many variables in the mountain environment and the skill of the user.
For a brief run through of typical gear to take on a trip
Terms & Conditions:
1. The prices are for Club members per day.   Non-Club member rates are double.
2. To hire gear; BOOK YOUR REQUIREMENTS WITH THE GEAR CUSTODIAN IN ADVANCE OF WHEN YOU WANT TO PICK THE GEAR UP.   Otherwise the gear custodian may be away or the gear already borrowed.
3. The gear is available on "a first come basis", however priority is given to Club trips, bookings by other related organizations, and club members.
4. For non-club members identification and a bond may be required if the Hirer is unknown to the Gear Custodian.
5. The Hirer is responsible in ensuring the hired equipment is returned in a satisfactory condition, and on time.    If the equipment is lost, or returned in damaged condition, the Hirer is liable to full replacement cost.   A continuing fee may be charged if not returned on time.   The Hirer is also liable for any further charges that may arise from the club having to pursue return of the gear or moneys owing.
6. *Avalanche transceivers; a form is required to be filled in for these.  Hirer is responsible for supplying NEW alkaline batteries. A bond may be required from non-Club members.
7. **The carabineers, rope and ATC set can only be hired by Club members on scheduled Club trips.
8. Reduced rates for longer trips, or to related organizations, is at the discretion of the Gear Custodian.

Snow shovel, probe & avo transceiver set* $10/day
Carabineers (2 screw, 2snap) & ATC Set** $5/day
Avalanche transceiver* $5/day
Bivy Bag $2/day
Compass (Silva) $2/day
Crampons $6/day
Tent Fly - 4 person $4/day
Alpine Helmet $2/day
Ice Axes - various sizes & types $2/day
Alpine Hammer $5/day
Harness $5/day
Snow stake $2/day
Snow picket/pig $5/day
Snow shovel $5/day
Avalanche probe $5/day
Rope 50 m** $10/day

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