Gear for General Trips

Gear preferences and tips on gear is a vast topic and could fill a book, but a few comments might be usefl to get started or jog the memory.

For day trips

Each person should have appropriate footwear, small pack, lunch and nibbles, water bottle, parka, over trousers, gloves, whistle, and woollen head gear.   There must be at least one torch, first aid kit, map and compass amongst the group, plus an adequate supply of toilet paper and sun cream etc.  On snow, dark glasses or preferably goggles are essential.  A change of cloths available at the end of the tramp is desirable.

For weekend or longer trips

A large pack with sleeping bag and cover, carry-mat, parka, over-trousers, mittens, balaclava, longjohns / change of warm clothes, torch, with spare bulb, map, compass, eating utensils, first aid kit, sun cream, candle, matches, toilet paper, and food for appropriate number of days.    Dinners are usually communal.  Liaise with the leader for any specific food details and the allocation of party gear.   Hut passes or tickets may be required.

Trips involving technical content

For day or longer mountaineering excursions - discuss the requirements with the leader.

For more detailed information on gear and many valuable tips

Consult the NZ Mountain Safety Council's excellent Bushcraft and/or Mountaincraft manuals.

For a more detailed discussion of tramping needs -

See this site.

Lightweight tramping

- for the proficient tramper - See this site.

Considered making your own gear?

Then try this site.

Happy tramping!