Longview Hut: Ruahine Ranges

Map Coordinates: NZTM2000-BL_35 519568
Outlook: Located beside the stream at about 450 m.   Possible access is via 2 routes - up Makawakawa (Diggers) Stream from the East Pohangina Valley Road, or from Takapari Road, track and stream involving a 600 m loss of height.  The stream route is only feasible in low water and for reasonably experienced parties taking 2.30 to 3 hours, whereas the farmland route takes about 2 - 2.30 hours, and permission MUST be prearranged and may be declined.  A round trip is worth considering.  Note that the track starts on the south side of the slip opposite the hut.  

Note, there is no public access from the end of Arbon's road to the bush edge.  You must travel to the hut via the track from Takapari Road or up the creek from Pohangina East Valley Road.

Number of Bunks: 4
Maintained by: DOC
Cooking Facilities: Work bench and water from the stream.
Heating: Wood burner
History: The current hut (as of 2011) is of recent DOC origin and replaces an older NZFS/deerstalkers hut.

Diggers Hut
Topo image of Southern Ruahines