Sunrise Hut: Ruahine Ranges

Map Coordinates: NZTM2000-BK36 712-909
Outlook: Located at 1280m amongst alpine beech and flax close to bushline in Buttercup Hollow.   Relatively large hut and only about 2 - 3 hours from the road.
Number of Bunks: About 20
Maintained by: DOC
Cooking Facilities: Gas stoves, water tanks or tarn.
Heating: Gas heater
History: Huts in the area date to 1920s (Shuteye Shack). Current hut built by DOC in early 1980s at head of very well developed track.  Recently the hut was further expanded and upgraded with warden's annex.  Provides excellent views of Hawkes Bay and Hawke Bay and access onto central Ruahine main range tops - which to the north of Armsrtong Saddle are easy travelling.

Sunrise Hut
Topo image of Northern Ruahines
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