Waterfall Creek Hut: Ruahine Ranges

Map Coordinates: NZTM2000-BK36 665-866
Outlook: Located at 1060m amongst beech forest adjacent to Waterfall Creek.
Number of Bunks: 6
Maintained by: DOC
Cooking Facilities: Open fire (smokes unless door or window is open), water from creek.
Heating: Open fire
History: Built by NZFS as standard 6 bunker (a classic design).  Heartland central Ruahines - completely away from civilisation.   Located amongst grassy flats and beech forest - very reminiscent of valleys at headwaters of east coast South Island rivers.  Access is from either the east or the west, but stick to the spurs or the track from Rangi Saddle if dropping in from the east.

Waterfall Creek Hut
Topo image of Northern Ruahines