Dundas Hut: Tararua Ranges

Map Coordinates: NZTM2000-BN34? 
Outlook: Located in the scrub zone at about 1200m SE of Pukemoremore.  The location can be hard to find from the ridge above in poor visibility.  This graphic might help.
Number of Bunks: Bunks for 6.
Maintained by: DOC
Cooking Facilities: Bench inside + Water tank (stove has been removed)
Heating: None (BYO)
Useful info: Provides shelter along Dundas Ridge.  Old Forest Service style hut.  150m below cairn on broad grassy flatish mound on ridge above.  Track down is initially steep and hard to follow until ridge below is reached 100m down, then sign down to hut another 50m.  Connected by well cut track to Cattle Ridge, but river can cut off access.

Dundas Hut
Topo image of Tararuas