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Club Newsletters

The latest newsletter is the Apr, 2020 one, available in PDF format by clicking the link.

The club newsletter is one of the main ways the club communicates with its members and is published monthly except January.

These newsletters form an extremely valuable archive of reference material.   The set of online newsletters (in PDF format) is available with hot links for accessing each issue.  Some pictures may have been removed from the online newsletters to provide reasonable download times.  In addition, the special edition published for the Club's 21st celebrations in 1987 is also available.

Interested in an old trip report or want to research the past?  Select browse and a category in the list box and see the titles of all significant newsletter articles going back to 1968.    The highlighted issues in the list are available on-line issues.  For the others, contact the web manager - contacts.

There are various ways you can view these titles:

  • All the trip reports are included in these titles but you can also look in trip reports for a catalogue of all newsletter items from 1968 to 2010. (Use Find in your Acrobat Reader to search the document.)
  • The archive presents the titles in each newsletter ordered by date.
  • You can also search on any word in a trip report title search using the search function.

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