Enjoy the alpine snow slopes? Are you confident that you understand the special requirements of travelling safely on snow? You don't need to be a club member to join in our snowcraft courses. 

Each winter, the club runs a Snowcraft instruction programme. This year, it consists of two instruction weekends at Mount Ruapehu and a weeknight evening session prior to each weekend trip. It starts with Snowcraft 1 (SC1) which is for beginners and those wanting confidence for tramping and basic safety in snow conditions. Snowcraft 2 (SC2) includes rope work and anchors for alpine tramping and climbing. A practical weekend will introduce more advanced skills for mountaineering. Each level (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for the next. The weeknight sessions are an integral part of the programme and attendance is compulsory. Combined, a good introduction to climbing on snow is presented. Trainees in groups of 2-4 will team up with club instructors for tuition.

Places are limited, so register as soon as possible. Confirmation of your place on the complete or part programme requires your registration form, accompanied by the fee, to be accepted by the organiser. Once received, detailed information will be sent to you. 

Dates for 2023 are

SC1 8/9 July

SC2 - 22/23 July

For more information, contact Dieter Stalmann 027 450 9460

Snowcraft 1 on 9/10 July

Learn to confidently walk on snow, use an ice axe, cut steps and use crampons. What if I fall? Master self arresting and more ...

Snowcraft 2 on 23/24 July

Learn the important skills of rope work, anchors, belays and the basics of snow and ice climbing. Begin the rudiments of alpine climbing and avalanche awareness.