Each level is a prerequisite for the next. However, some participants may find completing SC1, or the first two levels, adequate for their intended outdoor activities. Others may want to advance through SC3 and beyond. Some may wish to do SC1 this winter and SC2 next winter, or refresh their skills. Some people with previous snow or alpine experience may enter at SC2.
For more information, contact Dieter Stalmann 027 450 9460

The Basics - Snowcraft 1 (SC1)

Enjoy the alpine snow slopes? Are you confident that you understand the special requirements of travelling safely on snow?
Learn to confidently walk on snow, use an ice axe, cut steps and use crampons. What if I fall? Master self arresting and more ...

Building on the Basic Skills - Snowcraft 2 (SC2)

Learn the important skills of rope work, anchors, belays and the basics of snow and ice climbing. Begin the rudiments of alpine climbing and avalanche awareness.

Alpine Climbing - extend your skills - Snowcraft 3 (SC3)

Get a more complete set of skills for alpine climbing. Practice makes perfect. Tackle the snow slopes, glaciers and peaks. Prepare yourself for the magic of the Southern Alps.