Annual Photo Competition

Held at the clubrooms on 31st August 2023

Above bush no human

  1. Heather Knox:- Rainbow above Herepai Hut
  2. Roy Rolston: Classic Mt Ngauruhoe
  3. Harley Betts: Ngauruhoe from Mangatepopo valley

Above bush with human

  1. Martin Lawrence: Mataketake Hut
  2. Warren Wheeler: Breezy on Mt Holdsworth
  3. Dieter Stalmann: Into the blue

Below bush no human

  1. Harley Betts: Tongaporutu Sunset
  2. Harley Betts: MacKay Falls Milford Track
  3. Harley Betts: Three Sisters Tongaporutu

Below bush with human

  1. Harley Betts: Starry dawn Aeroplane Island Kapiti
  2. Elly Arnst: Cone Hut
  3. Roy Rolston: Dive Rock Waitotara River

Long exposure

  1. Harley Betts: Igloos under stars on Tongariro
  2. Harley Betts: Igloos at sunset Mt Tongariro
  3. Harley Betts: Moonrise Upolu Samoa

Native flora and fauna

  1. Heather Knox: Fungi found on the Sledge Track
  2. Martin Lawrence: Roof Kea
  3. Verity Elder: Fungi on mossy forest floor, Kepler Track


  1. Roy Ralston: Beautiful Namche Bizaar Nepal
  2. Roy Ralston: Views to Renjo Pass - Nepal
  3. Elly Arnst: Stone Bridge


  1. Elly Arnst: Dog Nap While Kettle Boils
  2. Harley Betts: Couch Potato
  3. Harley Betts: Master Igloo Builders

Best of the Show

  1. Martin Lawrence: Mataketake Hut


  • Above Bushline (no human element)
  • Above Bushline (with human element)
  • Below Bushline (no human element)
  • Below Bushline (with human element)
  • Native Flora and Fauna
  • Long Exposure - using a tripod - night or very low light situations - check FMC rules
  • Overseas
  • Topical - people in tramping related activities

Competion Rules

Photo competition rules are consistent with those of FMC – winners of our competition are automatically entered into the Interclub and the FMC competition. Entries for all categories must be taken after 1 Jan 2019.

Members can enter up to 3 entries in each category.

Please use descriptive names on each shot.

The definition of a “human element” includes people or anything else that is man-mind such as a track, hut, bridge, ice axe etc. However, if the “human element” is very small and not a major feature in the photo e.g. a track marker or distant hut, then it would count as “no human element”.

2020 Photo Competion Winners