Club Huts

PNTMC has a formal agreement with DOC for the running and upkeep of two huts in the Ruahines (Ngamoko and Mid-Pohangina).
This is a significant commitment for the club. Information about the state of these huts and any suggestions about their upkeep and willingness to volunteer would be greatly appreciated. Donations are especially welcome. Note that the Club is an officially recognised charity for the tax deduction of gifts. Visitors to Club huts can choose to pay $5/night to PNTMC (the club uses any donations to help maintain the hut). Alternatively DOC Hut tickets are accepted as DOC supplies the mattresses.

Ngamoko Hut

Six-bunk Ngamoko Hut sits safely on a terrace on the true right of the beautiful Pohangina River. In 2012, threatened with removal by DOC, the PNTMC took over its management. Because it is the most difficult to reach of the four huts on the river, visitor numbers are low. But those who do venture there have described it as a “home away from home”. An extensive trapping programme in the Pohangina has helped create a perfect habitat for whio/blue duck. Head down to the river from the hut at dusk and you have a very good chance of seeing the bird. There are several options when planning a trip to Ngamoko Hut. River travel is generally easy when flows are low, though be aware, it is a big river that can rise rapidly. The quickest route (5-8 hours) for fit trampers is over the Ngamoko Range, from Limestone Road and along Shorts Track. The route south along the tops is unmarked, scratchy in parts and requires good navigation skills in poor visibility. There is a cut, but rather overgrown, track from the tops down to Ngamoko Hut.

Mid Pohangina Hut

Mid-Poh hut is a standard 4 bunk hut sited on a pleasant grassy flat just above the Pohangina River north of its confluence with Cattle Creek. It's a comfortable hut with an open fire. The only water source is the river. PNTMC is looking at replacing the open fire with a wood stove. Access is via the mid-Pohangina Hut track but note that you need to cross the river near the hut as DOC removed the bridge over the mid-Pohangina river. You can also get to mid-Poh hut over an unmarked track from Cattle Creek Hut or downriver from Ngamoko Hut.